What is Polylists?

Polylists is a website for sharing lists of recommended games under self-chosen topics. It has a deliberately simple and rigid structure, with the goal of making it effortless to curate a list about a theme the person cares about.

Lists have a specific title that set their context. Lists can be ordered by rank (think top-ten lists), or ordered alphabetically (a collection without a distinct order). Each game entry is normalized to the canonical English spelling of that game title. If there is an official website to a game, clicking on the game entry will open it in a new tab. If the game has already been released, the initial release year (including Early Access) is also noted.

If you're working in games and would like to contribute a list, please email me.

MAD Sans and Basis Grotesque typefaces licensed from Colophon Foundry.

Polylists is made by with ♡ and Middleman.