What is Polylists?

Polylists is a website for sharing lists of recommended games under self-chosen topics. It has a deliberately simple and rigid structure, with the goal of making it effortless to curate a list about a theme the person cares about.

Lists have a specific title that set their context. Lists are ordered alphabetically, by year, or rank. Each game entry is normalized to the canonical English spelling of that game title. If there is an official website to a game, clicking on the game entry will open it in a new tab. If the game has already been released, the initial release year (including Early Access) is also noted.

If you're working in games and would like to contribute a list, please email me.

MAD Sans and Basis Grotesque typefaces licensed from Colophon Foundry.

Polylists is made by with ♡ and Middleman.